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Mr. ATLAS is a new type of leather contest that is focused on performance and giving our party guests a night they won’t ever forget. Instead of a subdued night of speeches, Q&As, intermissions and raffles, we’re giving our party guests what they want, which is the raw sex appeal of our amazing and diverse set of contestants in a non-stop dance party environment.


The traditional elements of a leather contest remain, however they are moved up earlier in the day before the main event. Contestants will still be required to conduct an interview in front of our panel of judges, give a speech, answer questions, and be ready to showcase multiple looks. Then later, at the main event, contestants will be focused on putting on a show that is dripping in sex appeal for our party guests. Our judging panel will make their selection for Mr. ATLAS Leather with the help of audiences interactive texting feedback from the main event, and the winner will be sent to International Mr. Leather in May 2019.


Here’s how it works:




Pre-Qualifying Round (70 points total) – Afternoon of January 26

Interview (40 points) – Contestants will be interviewed by the Mr. Atlas panel of judges

Speech (15 points) – Contestants will speak on any topic of their choice for 90 seconds

Q+A and Leather Image (15 points) – Contestants will need to think on their feet and answer a pop question in front of our panel of judges


Main Event – Finals (30 points total) – Evening of January 26

Contestants will take part in an interactive, performance-based competition which will showcase their ability to engage a crowd and win audience support. Attendees will participate in scoring this round through interactive text voting right from the dance floor. 15 points will be awarded from the audience, and 15 will be awarded from the judging panel.


Total: 100 points


Olympic Scoring

Mr. ATLAS will be decided on olympic scoring, where the highest and lowest score for each contestant for each round are thrown out. The contestant with the most points at the end of the evening will be crowned the new Mr. ATLAS Leather and will carry the title to International Mr. Leather in May 2019.




Please click here to submit an application. The application deadline is January 18, 2019.




Contestant applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and invitations to participate in the contest will be sent no later than January 18. There is no residency requirement for contestants. Interested contestants from anywhere in the world may enter.


Contestants will attend the interview, speech, Q+A and leather image rounds on the day of January 26. Due to the fast pace of the contest evening and associated time constraints, the number of contestant finalists for the main event must be capped at five. This means that should there be more than five total contestants, not all will move on to the main event as finalists.




The winner of Mr. Atlas Leather will go directly to compete at International Mr. Leather. It does not feed into an intermediate pre-qualifying contest for IML. Airfare, accommodation and ground transportation will be provided.




Persons 21 years or age or older are eligible to compete for Mr. Atlas Leather. This title does not represent a particular geographic area or region and there is no residency requirement for our contestants. All are welcome from anywhere in the world.

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